Dandi McLion Has Her Say is a fun and engaging mixture of STEM, Social Emotional Learning and Character Education!  It comes complete with a glossary to enhance reading comprehension and increase vocabulary.
From this book, readers are sure to learn some pretty important facts about dandelions. (STEM)
The book also touches on core components of Social Emotional Learning like empathy, compassion and how to handle big emotions.
Furthermore, it demonstrates how one can exercise Civic Responsibility to make a change in their world, which is a key element of Character Education.
Dandi McLion Has Her Say encourages its reader to be courageous.  It reminds them that their voice is powerful and that it deserves to be heard.
Lexile Measurement – 840L

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Book Reviews

  • Starred Review - Reader’s Favorite
    Readers Favorite Medal for Dandi McLion Has Her Say!The educational value of this story is multi-layered; it’s more than a fact-sharing story about dandelions.  Dandi...talks about prejudice and how people shouldn’t judge others…she talks about treating everyone and everything, including dandelions, with empathy and compassion. She talks about standing up for what she believes in and speaking out. Loved it!
    Starred Review - Reader’s Favorite
  • Amy Watkins - Elementary School Teacher
    “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story! I love the confidence of Dandi…I love how she used her big voice…I love how brave Dandi is…I love how you took a social justice issue and used a flower for the character allowing teachers, parents, whoever to talk to their kids about bigger social justice issues other than dandelions being called weeds and being mistreated..
    Amy Watkins - Elementary School Teacher
  • A.W. – Educator
    I see how this could be used when talking about the life cycle of a plant to make it STEM related or social studies when we talk about equity and even about cultures. I see how we could compare plants to weeds, as the kids often need to compare and contrast and I also see how we could use this to talk about a character’s point of view. While we hear the story through Dandi, how might we hear it from mama or from the people. This leaves a lot of great discussion points for teachers and parents to have with kids.
    A.W. – Educator

Dandi McLion
Has Her Say
Lesson Plan Packet

Download your FREE Companion Lesson Plan Packet when you pre-order your copy of Dandi McLion Has Her Say! This packet consists of 10 separate lesson plans which cover the following subject areas: STEM, English Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning and Character Education.

Activities included in this resource:

  • Choose Empathy – students will learn how to exercise empathy and compassion in their decision making
  • Courage Box – students will learn that it is important to exercise courage in both words and action
  • Take A CALMER Approach – students will learn to manage and control their anger by using the CALMER anger-management model
  • So Jelly – students will have fun making delicious dandelion jelly
  • We Wear the Mask – students will learn that a person’s skin color isn’t as important as who they are on the inside
  • I Can Use My Voice - Students will write a letter to a community leader about an issue that is important to them
  • Madlibin’ – Students will have fun using vocabulary by completing a Madlib
  • Math Decoder - Students will solve mathematical problems to decode a secret message
  • My Opinion Matters - Students will write an opinion piece that includes a statement of opinion, reasons to back up the opinion and a conclusion.
  • What’s the Truth? - Students will use reading comprehension to determine whether statements are true or false.

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